A Little Bit Of Good News...

I have a little bit of good news to share, although I have to say that at the moment, I’m not sure such trivia can be...

History, True or False?

Something quite serious today. History and how important is it in our lives?

The Muse of History - a FREE short story

The advantage of the lockdown is plenty of time to write. Here's a FREE story that gives a little background on Mrs P...

FREE short story - St Mary's and the Great Toilet Roll Crisis

As promised here is the link to the free short story that was inspired by the recent toilet roll crisis. 

The Girl With A Pearl In Her Nose

Yet again I have sinusitis, but it's not all bad, because it inspired this short story for you...

Jodi Taylor reads an exclusive extract from Plan For The Worst

Jodi Taylor reads an exclusive extract from Plan For The Worst

The Wrong Bra

A bit of a nasty shock today. I’m even more absent-minded than I thought. Bit embarrassing, really.

What's Happening in 2020?

Hello - we thought we'd give you a quick round up of the year ahead. There are various events and publications alread...

A Christmas Blog Post

Today – this morning, in fact – I typed THE END at the bottom of the second Time Police story – Hard Time.

A True Disaster Magnet

You know how it is when you arrive home, shattered and weary, and yearning for something comforting and familiar.

Hello September

Another month is with us – actually, I think it’s been with us for some time but I hadn’t noticed. Anyway – Hello Sep...

Families and Test Results

I have, once again, been on the receiving end of cruel family humour. Anyone who has a family will be familiar with j...
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