4 weeks to go! Previously on the Time Police . . .

Previously on the Time Police (intro from the start of Hard Time).

A long time ago in the future, the secret of time travel was discovered and, people being what they are, the world nearly ended.
Just for once, however, and to the surprise of all, the world pulled itself together in time to avert disaster. Nation cooperated with nation and the Time Police were formed. Their purpose was to eradicate illegal time travel and restore the timeline – or as much of it as could be restored. Sometimes it was nothing better than a cut-and-shut job, but if that was what it took then that was what was done.
Ruthless, efficient and with their famous couldn’t give a rat’s arse attitude, the Time Police paid a high price – at one point there were only thirteen officers still standing – but they succeeded. Time travel was, more or less, eradicated. Of course, once the situation was under control, the governments that had been so enthusiastic now began to regard the Time Police as pretty much having outlived their usefulness.
No government is ever happy with an organisation better equipped, better funded and more efficient than they are. Especially one not answerable to that bunch of mindless, ungrateful, demanding, awkward-question-asking bunch of troublemakers usually referred to in public as the electorate. Behind the scenes, the diplomatic wheels began to turn.
The Time Police themselves were not unaware that, ironically, times were changing. The more astute among them prepared to adapt themselves to the hazards of peacetime. A new commander was appointed to guide Time Police boots down gentler paths.
But, although Time moves on, old threats can reappear in a new guise. Temporal Tourism, for instance, is illegal but extremely lucrative for those prepared to take the risks. And Big Business, often more powerful and frequently more intelligent than any government, is prepared to take that risk. As Commander Hay repeatedly reminds her unit, new threats require new methods of attack. Bursting in, shooting everyone within a five-mile radius and torching anything left standing – while having its merits – is not conducive to intel gathering. And intel is now a large part of the game. Under her direction, the Hunter Division has been strengthened and, under Major Callen, given virtual autonomy.
Grumbling and dragging their feet, the Time Police are preparing to meet new threats.
Enter Team Weird.

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  • Jenny Trigg
    Hi Jodi, I’m a huge fan of all your series and look forward to every new book. I already have Another Time, Another Place pre-ordered for next April! I hope you don’t find this a rude observation, but the pre-order Kindle price for Hard Time seems rather steep in comparison – £8.99 for Hard Time as opposed to £5.99 for Another Time, Another Place. I believe your publisher sets the prices but I would be interested to understand how they do so. I’m a very quick reader and the only reason I haven’t pre-ordered Hard Time is that it just doesn’t seem great value for a book I will read in one day (no matter how great the book is, sorry) – I usually book a day’s holiday from work every April for the new St Marys!. It will be disappointing to not have Hard Time auto-delivered on the day of release, but I am hoping the price will come down at some point in the future. All the best, a relatively local fan – Jenny in Gloucester.

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