A Bath with a View

What a great weekend in York. Thanks to everyone who turned up – I hope you enjoyed yourselves – and huge thanks to everyone who brought a present. I love presents. My battle ladle now adorns my bookcase – ready for any future use. My lovely chocolate-themed piece of embroidery looks wonderful on my dressing table. The pod provisions and all the chocolate have been unpacked and – let’s be truthful – extensively sampled. My pretty bracelet has been carefully stored away. Thank you, everyone.

We were loud and cheerful – well, I was – and are contemplating doing another one. When the memories and the bruises have faded, obviously. Perhaps in October for Doing Time.

Just while I’m on the subject of making an arse of myself in public – and when am I not? – I’m at Waterstones in Gloucester on Saturday at 2.00pm. I wandered in to see them this morning and they were polite enough to say they were looking forward to it.

Speaking of looking at things – which we weren’t but I can’t stop talking about this. Hazel has issued strict instructions that I’m to stop boring on about it.

‘For God’s sake, Taylor – no one wants to know.’

But – get this – I had a TV in my bathroom at the hotel. A proper waterproof bathroom TV built into the tiles at the foot of the bath with the controls up at my end. I played for hours. I even watched CBeebies. Because I could. It was amazing and no, I don’t know why, because the programmes were exactly the same as on the big one in my bedroom, but there’s just something about watching TV in the bath.

‘I told you, Taylor – give it a rest. We gave you an old bowl, some cold water, a bit of a flannel and an old photo to look at – now shut up about the damned TV.’ H. Cushion – Mega Agent – from her holiday home in Bermuda.

So taking the gentle hint – back to work. A busy week ahead – I have the new short to edit – When Did You Last See Your Father? – all ready for its July publication, and polishing Doing Time for October. And at least one Christmas short to write.

‘You see – this is what happens when you waste your time in the bath watching TV. Don’t just sit there. Write something.’ H Cushion – from her other holiday home in the Maldives.

Writing now.



  • Kay Goddard Haines

    And what about Australia??

  • Lorraine Dixon

    Love this! Will mention bath TV to hubby and see what happens 🤞❤ Meantime, any chance of venturing SE, say to Guildford? Lovely town, loads of DMs nearby, fab options for tea or a meet up and there’s a Waterstones! Perhaps we could ask Ms Cushon when she’s back from visiting her estates?! 😁

  • Lin

    Jodi … may you always carry on making an arse of yourself… private or public makes no matter .. this planet is all the brighter for having both you & your written world in it 🤪📚😊

  • Jennifer James

    I am delighted you had an enjoyable weekend with us Disaster Magnets, I hope if I ever stay in York, I can book the room with the amazing TV in the bathroom. The question is though, when you have made your millions, will you be installing a TV in your bathroom? Or better yet, a computer screen and waterproof keyboard with a waiter ready to deliver chocolate and tea in the bath?

  • Catherine

    Anything coming up in Scotland?

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