And The Rest Is Cookery - foreword read by Jodi Taylor

And The Rest Is Cookery is the magnificent charity book created by a team of Virtual Disaster Magnets. All proceeds from this book will go to a wonderful childrens cancer charity. Enjoy this reading of her foreword by Jodi Taylor which reveals her typical humour and her own soup recipe.

The book is available around the globe in paperback and Kindle editions from Amazon. Please follow the links below:

UK paperback 

UK Kindle 

USA paperback 

USA Kindle 


  • Emma Quinn

    Hilarious video, Jodi. Thank you! I’m definitely going to try that soup😁

  • Rebecca Elliott
    The book is available from my website I take no commission for selling it, so the maximum will go to Jodi’s charity.

  • Cornelia Selzner
    I think it’s a great idea to publish a cookbook of St Mary’s to support charity! I’ve bought it and will use it soon.

  • T

    Typo alert at:
    Says, cookbook is “creatied” by a team . It’s spelled right on the comments page.

  • Sarah-Helen Snow
    Is this only available on Amazon or will it also be on Jodi’s website? I’ll order from Amazon if I have to, but would rather they got no profit from this.

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