FREE short story - St Mary's and the Great Toilet Roll Crisis

As promised here is the link to the free short story that was inspired by the recent toilet roll crisis.CLICK HERE  to download the eBook.

I have also recorded an audio version - please don't worry about the cough, I've had it for at least seven years and it hasn't killed me yet! To listen to the story please CLICK HERE. It is hosted on Soundcloud which is a free app. Please understand that the recording was done at home, without editing, but I hope you enjoy it!




  • Lisa Aubrey-Cosslett

    Lols! Thanks Jodie! I’ll be smiling all day now 😁

  • Barb Ruddle

    Mega snorks Jodi xx

  • Mark McCormack

    A great way to start the day, thank you very much 😃

  • Jan Rose

    Love this – thank you for enlivening our lockdown!

  • Nicki Francis

    Brilliant! As ever. Thank you for the giggles Jodi 🤣🤣

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