Q & A With Jodi Taylor Episode 2

Join Jodi Taylor as she answers three readers questions. This week they are:Does Jodi identify with any particular ch...

Authormonitoringometer and why I've Just Got Up

The time is 12.40 and I’ve only just got up. ‘Great Scott, ‘I hear you ejaculate. ‘Martha, give in my notice at the b...

A Short Extract From Hope For The Best read by Jodi Taylor

Join Jodi for a brief extract from Hope For The Best when Dr Bairstow tell the St Mary's team that Max has been secon...

Q&A with Jodi Taylor - Episode 1

Join Jodi as she answers readers questions. This week's questions are: 1) What is your training in history? 2) What...

Have you discovered The Frogmorton Farm series by Jodi Taylor

Have you discovered The Frogmorton Farm series by Jodi Taylor

Discover A Gripping Supernatural Thriller Series From Jodi Taylor

A gripping supernatural thriller series from international bestselling author, Jodi Taylor.

I'm not the only one who feels a fraud...

I had a bit of a crisis before Christmas. I don’t mean an ‘Oh my God, I’ve set fire to the kitchen again,’ crisis. T...

No Sprouts!

So, Hazel and I had lunch yesterday. I’d been on a train all day with no breakfast – which turned out to be a huge mi...

A variety of subjects, but mostly about cows. With an excerpt from Dark Light

For those who kindly enquired, I have recovered from chocolate margarita overload. It was touch and go but I pulled t...

Publication Obligations Fulfilled

Publication Obligations Fulfilled – Time to Hit the Wine! And Chocolate! And Twiglets – which are enjoying a bit of a...
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